to change the Streaming world!

Why using monvid,
video streaming platform?

In one word, we’d say because it’s Decentralized. But if you would like to know more, we urge you to take some time on our website and find out how it works! monvid offers both “P2P Video Streaming“ and “Proxied Video Streaming“. Scroll down to find out about the plan and see how it’s going to solve today’s streaming problems and what we have to offer.

Decentralized P2P
Video Streaming

Normally when you are watching a video online, a server of that website or company is sending you the content but in a P2P streaming concept the video and content are stored on more than a server and who is the nearest will serve you (CDN). The reason we believe in decentralized P2P streaming is the transparency, flexibility, and privacy.

Decentralized Proxied
Video Streaming

Basically, it’s useful when you would like to see what’s restricted to you by the government or the website itself. For example, you need want unlimited access to Netflix, the traditional ways are paying for the subscription (if available) or using VPN services. but the new way and idea of monvid is “proxy streaming“ which means a computer in the city without restriction is getting the video from Netflix and stream it for you with high speed and without any limitation.
Dapps are more flexible, transparent, distributed, resilient, and have a better-incentivized structure than current software models.
Cost Efficiency
There is no subscription for visitors here. If you need to watch premium and proxied streaming you only need to pay as go and we reward the streamer for their storage and network traffic.
Censorship and Unblocking
Our proxy stream service means you can access any video on the Internet even if it’s blocked in your country (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, etc). Also, it’s very hard to censor or monitor our streaming traffic and it would be a good reason to trust in monvid.
Unlimited Distributed Nodes
Anyone can participate in streaming videos to our visitors and get paid, so virtually we have an unlimited amount of streaming servers around the world which significantly improve the streaming smoothness, quality, and speed.

What makes us
different from others?

By using the Blockchain technology and the decentralized application model, monvid is able to provide more and better services for the video streaming industry. Let’s read some benefits of decentralized application in few points!


  • Completely scalable network and services
  • High availability in every country
  • Very hard to be censored and filtered by any agency
  • Encrypted data transfer and not traceable
  • Faster and more efficient content quality
  • More profit for the content publisher and community members


  • Hard to expand and grow up the network
  • Low availability and single point of failure for the network
  • Easy to be censored and filtered by a third party company or the owner of the website
  • Storing the contents on single servers
  • Making profits for the community owner

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