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The new decentralized and proxied streaming platform for the next generation!

Asked Questions

Let’s answer some common question about monvid and the project!
What is monvid in general?

Monvid is a decentralized P2P and proxied streaming platform which is going to take over the current traditional streaming world.

What services does monvid provide?

We offer decentralized P2P and proxied streaming services for individuals and enterprises.

How much does monvid services cost?

There are different pricing models available for both publishers and visitors. These pricing will be set after we fully launched the applications and platforms. We will make you sure, the pricing will be much less than the traditional video streaming out there now!

How does monvid platform work?

Monvid is based on Blockchain technology and is a decentralized application which relays on streaming nodes provided by the community. Everyone can join this community and share their resources with the platform.

What is the different between monvid and other video streaming providers?

In one word, we’d say because it’s Decentralized. There are so many advantages including High Availability, Encrypted Data, Hard to be censored, and profit making for whole community instead of only the community owner.

Is monvid platform a P2P platform?

Yes. monvid is a decentralized Peer 2 Peer streaming platform.

What is an ICO?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. It means that someone offers investors some units of a new cryptocurrency or crypto-token in exchange against cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. The value of a Token or a Coin during ICO may be lower than the fix price in the public exchanges, so it is a good idea to buy and hold some Tokens, Coins during ICO.

How does an ICO work?

An Initial Coin/Token Offering is normally based on a Smart Contract which is using Ethereum community and the Blockchain to work. By investing in an ICO, you actually are investing and supporting the project behind of that.

What is a Cryptocurrency?

A digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

How does a smart contract work?

A smart contract is a contract between the investor and the project owner directly, which makes it happen to support the projects and ideas directly without using a third party company and paying extra fees. Monvid is using a secure way of smart contract, which is published and is readable for everyone.

Why is monvid using ICO to crowd fund for the project?

Crowdfunding using an ICO means virtually unlimited numbers of Investors interested in the project. So, there are several benefits for every single investors and especially when there are more than some big investors intended in a project. The success of the project is the win for all small/mid sized investors of project and not only some big guys in the industry. All people who are investing in the project during ICO can control the market and make bigger profits.

Is this Crowdfunding secure?

Our Ethereum Smart Contract source is available on Github and everyone can review the code, it has been audited by our Security professionals and it meets the standards of the industry. There are functions implemented to cover monvid refund policy and secure our investors about their investments.

What benefits do I get as an Investor?

There are a lot of benefits for being an Investor of monvid. The most important is that you are supporting a big revolution and can be part of a big movement in the video streaming market. You can use and enjoy the monvid services for free in lifetime. You are going to make a big profit from your Tokens when the Tokens are trade-able. There are a lot more benefits that you can read here on website.

Initial Token Offering
Common Questions

Here are some common questions and information regarding our ICO/ITO!
What is the Token name of monvid Project?

Our token name is MVID on Ethereum network. We use 18 decimals for our Token and the contract address for the Token will be published shortly.

What is the starting/ending date of the ICO?

The Pre-Sale of the ICO is already ended on 30th May. The Main-Sale ICO is going to be started on 1st of June until 31st of August.

What is the maximum/total supply of ICO?

The maximum number of tokens ever will be generated, is 200M Tokens, but the absolute number of Total Supply will be determined after Main Sale is over. All unsold Tokens after ICO will be burned.

What percentage of maximum supply is available to be sold?

Only 70% of the 200M Tokens will be sold ever, the rest are reserved. For more information please check our ICO information page.

What is the fix price of monvid Token?

The fixed price of monvid Token during the main-sale is $0.05 – $0.10.  You can invest in our project and buy Monvid Tokens with ETH and BTC.

What is the minimum/maximum investment during the ICO per Participant?

The minimum investment during ICO is set as $100.00. There is no maximum for investment during the main-sale.

What is the amount of soft-cap and hard-cap?

The minimum investment ( soft-cap ) we are planning to raise for launching this platform is $500.000 this amount is already reached, and the maximum investment ( hard-cap ) is $5.000.000. All investments are locked till the end of the ICO and will be refunded by the smart contract if the soft-cap is not reached.

How do I get free Tokens?

There are several ways to get free Tokens during the pre and main-sale. You can earn free Tokens by referring your friends and/or you may work on our Bounty program and be active on the social networks (e.g. Twitter, Bitcointalk, Forums, etc) to receive free tokens. For more information, please go to your bounty section in your control panel. https://ico.monvid.io/bounty-program/

Do you have any referral program?

Yes. Upon your registration you will have an unique referral link that you can share with your friends to earn free tokens.

Do I get any discounts for investing more?

Yes, you can get up to 20% bonus Tokens by investing more than 50.00 ETH individual or in a pool. For more information, please check the ICO page https://monvid.io/ico/

Is there any advantages for early birds/investments?

There is more bonus for early birds which starts from 30% Bonus for the first day of Main-Sale. More detail is available on the ICO page.

Is white-listing required before investing in monvid?

For Investments over than 10.00 ETH white-listing is required.

Can I request for a refund during the ICO?

Our refund-policy is clearly written on the legal-pages, please take your time to read those page before making an investment. In short version, you are able to request refund from our smart contract during the ICO, but it does not influence the soft-cap. You also have to pass the KYC for any refund request.

Related Questions

Some question about our Tokens and Global Exchanges!
Is monvid Token tradeable?

During the ICO, you only are able to buy the Tokens from our ICO source. After the ICO ends and the total supply is known, we will list the tokens for public trading on P2P exchanges, and after some successful trades we will list the Token on public exchanges.

When will MVID be listed on exchanges?

We plan to get our Token listed on public exchanges after ICO. This will be right after our platform is published for global usage.

What will be the price of MVID on exchanges?

We normally do not speculation, but we can be sure the price will be at least the same as the minimum price during the ICO.

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