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A single project cannot be successful if it has not enough support. You support us, we will reward you with bounties.

Bounty Programs

Twitter campaign!
You should follow monvid on twitter and tweet, retweet our posts and comments. You should be validated first by our team and then you can join this twitter campaign. More information is visible in your control panel in the bounty section.
Facebook campaign!
By following and liking our facebook page, you should your support and your interest in our project. You can make more hype by liking, sharing and commenting our posts or even rating us on Facebook. You will be rewarded with free Tokens if you are verified by our team.
Instagram campaign!
By following us, liking and sharing monvid posts on Instagram you can earn free Tokens as well. For more information please go to the ICO panel and check the bounty section!
Translate campaign!
You are good in translation and can help us to translate our website, contents and other documents in other languages, so you have a good chance to earn free Tokens by supporting us to gain more attention in other languages. For more information please go to your panel and apply for the language you want to translate.
Media campaign!
You are a Youtuber or a Blogger and want to support the great video streaming project – monvid, then you can make some money with joining the media bounty campaign. Make sure you have to prove your ownership of the weblog, and/or the youtube channel before you are able to receive the free Tokens.
Bitcointalk campaign!
You are an active member of Bitcointalk and want to earn free Tokens, so you can join this campaign and get verified for the signature bounty program. The higher your level in the Bitcointalk, the more free Tokens you can earn.

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