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We at monvid are working on a better solution for the next generation. The cost-effective global video streaming and cost-effective watching TV without any restriction is some of our key-words in the team, and these are what we stand for. So let’s make the future great together!

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Team members

Completely experienced and educated team members help monvid to build a better solution for the future streaming platforms. We are transparent with our team members and our project contents to help everyone understanding the whole project!


CEO and Co-Founder

Antonio is a highly motivated entrepreneur who is the idea founder of monvid. He has over 5 years of experience in IT and looking for innovation to make life easier. He is the major decision maker of the team.


CFO / CO-Founder

With his high level of education and experience is going to help the company, investors, and customers by taking down the financial risks of the corporation and increase financial performance of the company.


CTO / Co-Founder

Steven promises to help the team with any technical chores and also maintain technical strategies and manage whole IT department. He is focusing on the success of monvid and the great streaming project we have on table.


Marketing Manager

Gabriel is going to generate the buzz and let you all know what a great idea is around. He focuses to promote the project and increase the market for the company. Marketing is one of his best friends!


Backend Developer

Carlos is responsible for developing whatever we don’t see on the surface. He will work closely with all developers to build a smooth and secure application, which fits your needs.


Blockchain Developer

Probably he got the most challenging job in the company. Working on Blockchain, growing list of records, and closely working with developers for integration.


Streaming Engineer

Smooth experience of watching online videos is the result of Diego’s hard working. He knows mostly all streaming platform on the internet and will do his best for the best solution!


UI/Software Developer

Alessandro is focusing to build a clean, modern and useful user interface which is easy to be used on any devices for our visitors. He makes the applications more user friendly day to day.


Network Engineer

Ricardo manages whatever is btw. the visitor, core application servers, and streaming mirrors. Network flow is the most important part of this project which is managed by the best person!


Software Engineer

Pablo works closely with Carlos and Alessandro to design, develop, test, and improve our software and web applications on a daily basis.

Video Streaming

Completely pursue scalable video streaming platform for producer and the consumer. The next generation of decentralized and proxied video streaming platform for reducing your costs and saving you time.
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